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It's the Journey for Me...

Yxplain - was formed as a statement in order to help put emphasis on the things one chooses to do without feeling the need to explain to "Man."

Vision. Passion. Expectation.

Yvonda (who also identifies herself as "Yxplain") Chatman is a billboard of Faith and Favor. Growing up, Yvonda struggled with feeling as though she had to explain herself to everybody. She viewed her uniqueness as a flaw instead of her call. 1hen one day, size heard God say "Yxplain!" You don't owe anyone an explanation for whom I created you to be. It was at that moment she realized who she was and whom she was created to be. She no longer felt the need to explain herself and this phrase became her motto for her ministry.


Yvonda is a young, up-and-coming entrepreneur who has ties to the music industry, fashion scene, and other business-related entities. And in 2001, her visions of singing and songwriting transformed into her passion.


Over the years, she has remained faithful to her calling which has given her favor amongst some of the biggest names in Gospel music. However, her degree in artistry doesn't stop here. Yvonda has always laid a unique fashion sense and believes that appearances set the stage for a first impression. In 2012, she again realized that was not just a talent but a gift. A gift intended to motivate others to embrace their style, be both comfortable and confident stepping out iii it. Within the same year, her vision of launching her own clothing line that she was so passionate about was beginning to become a reality.  This passion had been in the making for several years but as a firm believer, that timing is everything. She hopes through her journey it will inspire others to discover their gifts.


Yxplain loves people and has a heart of gold! She is a loyal, caring, creative, stylish, God-fearing one of a kind type of woman.

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