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Miami Fashion Design District

While visiting the Miami Florida Fashion Design District, recently was an experience, to say the least, that left me speechless and overwhelmed simultaneously in the best way possible. I feel as though Miami paints a picture that lets you know what to expect. Still, I had no idea I would see stores such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, and stores you hear about like Alexander McQueen, that host runway shows you see on Tv. The wow moments…. to be physically standing there and feeling a part of that experience, were eye-opening.

That moment instilled in me the confidence I needed as an aspiring fashion designer. This moment gave me the confidence to question, "they had to start somewhere," and most of all, "I'm here!" That thought alone gave me more confidence to believe that the same can happen for me! That moment was very exhilarating and such an unexplainable rush as I traveled down the streets of Miami, a city that never sleeps. All I could think about was hitting up all these shops! Being surrounded by such designers that I so admire only pushed me closer to my dreams and brought clarity to what I see in the future. You should put this on your bucket list if you are an aspiring designer or someone who loves fashion; you will not be disappointed. Now, don't get me wrong, I have been to California & have heard so much about New York, but I didn't realize that Miami's design district was on that level. I was definitely impressed!

As I drove away from the area, I could honestly say that there is one thing the other designers and I have in common, and that's QUALITY! I declare to myself and my brand; I will stand out and continue to be unique. Everything I do, I will do it with class, elegance, poise, sprinkled with creativity, love, and most of all, humility.

Question: Why should I buy your products?

Answer: 1. The Message 2. Quality 3. Creativity.

There is no explanation needed!


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